Frequently asked questions

  • How often can I schedule an appointment?

We can schedule up to two appointments a week on condition that we have free tutorial hours.

  • Can I work with the same tutor?

No. Though, from time to time, it is possible to come upon the same tutor(s), the AWC policy is that the same tutor is not assigned to the same tutee on consecutive appointments. As writer autonomy is of utmost importance, dependence on any spesific tutor is not encouraged. Also, it is best for the tutee to benefit from the perspectives of different tutors.

  • Do I need to pay for the tutorials?

No. The tutorials are free of charge. It is a service offered to the METU community through the courtesy of the School of Foreign Languages.

  • Can I Borrow any reference books from the AWC?

No. However, you are welcome to use the books while you are doing self-study at the AWC at any time during work hours.

  • How much material can we cover during one tutorial?

We aim for the quality rather than quantity. That is, our primary objective is not extensive coverage of any material. A tutor may deal with a single paragraph, yet cover such serious issues as organization and referencing. In brief, the degree of awareness a tutee has gained, not the number of pages covered, determines how worthwhile a tutorial has been.