The AWC offers 45-minute one-on-one tutorials with instructors of English from the School of Foreign Languages. These tutorials are consultancy sessions which cater for the specific needs of academic writers. They provide assistance by

  • deliberating with the writer on the content of the writing
  • offering guidance with planning, revising and any other stage of the writing
  • helping in matters as varied as organization, coherence, appropriateness and accuracy of language, word choice and borrowing ideas
  • making suggestions for writers to develop lifelong editing and revision strategies

***An important note: the AWC tutorials are not for translating, checking grammar, editing, or proofreading.

How a Tutorial Progresses

Each tutorial is 45 minutes. It begins with a warm-up when the tutor and tutee introduce themselves and talk about what the writer is working on. Then, to set the agenda, the tutor probes further by asking questions about the writing and together they decide on the section of the writing and issues that need to be focused on.

Instruction time begins with the tutee reading the writing aloud. Consultancy takes place with discussions, questions and suggestions with regard to any aspect of the writing, including fluency, organization, language, consistency and word choice. The tutorial comes to a close after a wrap-up of the progress made and a brief discussion of what needs to be done to further improve the paper. Another appointment can be scheduled if the tutee feels that there are other priorities to be addressed, other issues that remain to be covered, or wishes to continue to benefit from this consultancy service.

It is expected that the writers who receive consultancy from the AWC will put into practice what has been learned during the tutorial by improving and revising the remaining part of the writing by themselves. Tutees can maximize the benefits they gain from AWC consultancy by coming to follow-up tutorials after having done necessary revisions upon tutors' suggestions.

Types of writing

The AWC will help you with the following academic writing tasks:

  • Theses / Dissertations
  • Journal Articles
  • Research Papers
  • Proposals
  • Annotations
  • Critical Reviews
  • Conference / Seminar Papers
  • Lab Reports

You can also get help for your professional writing:

  • Application Essays
  • Cover Letters
  • Resumes / Curriculum Vitaes
  • Business Letters