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11/03/2022 - 11:51

Our philosophy

Parallel to the writing center theory throughout the world, social construction is a major influence in our writing center theory. Besides, the philosophy of our writing center is to nurture both individuality and collaboration. Such an approach, which addresses higher-order issues first and lower-order issues next, is fundamental to encouraging good writing, good thinking, and autonomy.

Our writing center is a relaxed environment where language instructors have one-on-one discussions with academic writers from all fields to improve their writing skills. The environment is unconstrained because there is no grading, no criticism, nor any pressure to complete a certain task. The essence of the writing center approach is assisting academic writers by helping them take ownership and develop a critical eye toward their own writing. Through discussion, the writer often improves on weak points and develops strategies to become a more competent writer. In this process, the tutor asks questions and offers suggestions; however, it is the writer who makes the decisions and the modifications. After all, the writer is the expert in the field, and the writing is their creation.