Proposal Submission

Types of presentation

Research paper presentation (30 minutes)

The aim of a research paper presentation is to share with the audience a research study focusing on the research question(s), methodology, and findings, followed by a short discussion of implications for writing center work. It is suggested that the presenter uses 25 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes to answer the questions from the audience. The emphasis should be kept on the findings, the insights gained and the future implications. Presenters are kindly requested to deliver their reports with occasional reference to their notes or slides.


Experience/profile sharing session (30 minutes)

The aim of experience/profile sessions is to give presenters the opportunity to give a detailed description of the writing center they work in by focusing on the mission, organizational structure, operational principles and procedures, staffing model, tutoring model, community served, etc. in their writing center as well as the challenges they experience in the operation of their center.    


Workshop (60 minutes)

Workshop are expected to create opportunity for hands-on practice through which participants will gain awareness of a new idea or procedure that may help them address challenges in tutoring, writing, feedback provision, writing center operation and the like, for the tutors or student writers by working through a series of tasks either as tutors or by assuming the role of the student writer. Hence, the presenter should be the guide leading the participants through the various stages of the workshop that will eventually enable the audience to gain insight into the new idea or procedure.


E-session (45 minutes)

These are 45-minute sessions where the presenter shows the participants how to apply one technology or piece of software to writing tutorials, writing feedback, or writing center administartion. Depending on the complexity level of the software/application, the presenter may request an experienced or inexperienced audience. If the latter, the presenter needs to present the software/application starting from the very basics. In this session, each participant will be provided with a laptop in which the relevant software has already been set up; therefore, the presenter should clearly state which software is needed and how many participants are requested. All presenters are expected to show participants how the application is related to writing center activity. Presenters are kindly asked to provide handouts describing how to use the application/software. The number of participants is limited to 10 people.


Poster presentation (30 minutes)

Posters allow the visual presentation of the findings of a research study related to writing center work in an EFL context or writing in higher education in Turkey. The submission should clearly indicate the methodology, data analysis, and the implications of the study. Posters should be designed such that they are visually attractive and legible from one to two meters. The presenters are required to include the objectives, key parts of procedures and methods, results, and conclusion in the poster.